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My research philosophy is to understand marketing and consumer behavior from brain processes via controlled behavioral experiments to the effects in the market. One of my research themes that caught quite some attention is NeuroPricing™: A line of research in which I use methods from neuroscience to measure perceived value directly from brain activity. For a full list of scientific publications, see my profile on 

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At HFU's Business School in Schwenningen, Germany, I am a Professor of Consumer Behavior. I love this work, where I have the privilege to teach so many fun topics like consumer analytics, consumer behavior, statistics, psychology, and more to an interested and international student crowd. Check out

HFU Business School


NeuroSmart Pricing™

Together with world class sales coach Gabriele Rehbock I regularly hold sales and pricing workshops.

We have been translating new academic insights from marketing, neuroscience, and psychology into a science-driven approach for B2B sales experts. Contact me for details.

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On a variety of conferences and corporate meetings I regularly hold keynotes or workshops in English or German. Topics range from marketing to psychology, such as...

  • The buying brain and the five senses

  • The psychology of digital platforms

  • Neuromarketing: How advertising works

  • NeuroPricing: How customers think about prices

  • The deciding physician: Recalibrate your pharma strategy!

100+ keynote speeches!

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