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The Secrets and the Science
of Winning Minds and Winning Deals

“Highly recommended. The professional sale is an exceedingly complex game. The authors provide numerous refined moves for winning. Their insights are based on solid scientific data yet have tremendous practical impact.”
—Ryan Knauss, Vice President, Monetization, VMware

“The must-read to understand relevant profit levers for all kinds of business relationships. The Invisible Game is written for anyone in a client-facing job, from independent contractors to managers (not only but also) working in complex retail sales and service structures.”
—Rahil Ansari, CEO & Chairman Volkswagen Group Taiwan


The captivating guide to boosting your profitability: 

Apply psychological science to your daily sales practice.


Published in 2022 by WILEY

“A true [visible] game changer. The Invisible Game is a remarkable addition to your arsenal of books unpacking the secrets of the consumer minds and ways to increase sales. Gaby and Kai take us on a wondrous journey through behavioral economics, decision science, marketing, and sales in a very accessible, practical, and playful way. A fun read, full of interesting stories and examples that empower the readers to embark on a learning journey.”
—Moran Cerf, Professor of Neuroscience and Business, Northwestern University


“Kai is the international pioneer for integrating neuroscience and psychology to meet the challenges of finding the right price. In this new milestone, together with Gaby Rehbock, he brings together all the great truths of pricing in one place.”
—John Kutcher, CPP, Global Price Setting Leader, GE HealthCare

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